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to kill hitler. but this retroactive retirement is the worst use of a time machine i have ever seen. >> or to even lower gas prices, but even as the week threatened to be sucked down the drain of mitt's hot tub time machine, the obama camp released a new ad hinting at romney's lack of tranz pa transparency. >> tax havens, offshore accounts carried interest. mitt romney has used every trick in the book. he admits in the last two years he's paid less than 2% on 43 million in income. >> the romney campaign of course was busy trying to change the subject, suggesting what else? that the president isn't american. here's romney east surrogate on a romney conference call earlier today. >> the president is clearly dem traited that he has absolutely no idea how the american economy functions. the men and women all over america who have worked hard to build these businesses, their business businesses, from the ground up, is how our economy became the envy of the world. it is the american way and i wish this president would learn how to be an american. >> some of us which campaign operatives wo
now grant us into finer rights. those come from nature and god according to the declaration of independence. >> you know what? the real story is that a lot of this is being thrown back to the states and governors like louisiana's bobby jindal will have the ability to refuse it using whatever curious reasoning they can muster. >> states are different. founing fathers intended each state to be a laboratory of exper menation. the reality is if what works in massachusetts may not be appropriate to another state. >> really comparing mardi gras to -- >> yes, he really did. i'm join ed by sheila jackson lee, good afternoon, ma'am. >> it's a pleasure to be with you and for all americans, this is a special week for us. happy fourth of july. >> indeed. you have been an unwaivering advocate for children in texas. you're the co-chair of the congress congressional children's caucus. what is your reaction when you hear charles perry say he's completing opposed to the health care reform even though 22% of children in your state have no health insurance whatsoever? >> the reason i began thi
because we do things together. >> good. glad we cleared that up. let's bring our panel with us from washington. msnbc political analyst, karen finney and democratic strategist, julian epstein. karen, when you look at the obama campaign ad, turns out romney agrees with the president. when you talk it all in context, so can we put this whole attack on free enterprise to bed? >> oh, jonathan. what is it, july? we're going to hear -- please, we're going to hear this between now and election day and what it shows is the romney campaign is getting very desperate. the kind of editing job that into the attack ad was something we have not quite seen at this early a stage in a campaign. and again, it shows there's an element of desperation. they think they were able to latch on to something. my favorite thing though is apparently, he's comfortable talking about the middle class and poor people. he wasn't so worried about the poor a while ago and wasn't talking about the middle class. he was focused on the job creators. must have seen a poll that says talk about the middle class, so he's talki
concrete that might substitute for what obama did and might not lead us into a better future as americans through the the world. >> rick, strong words to from the president to vfw, does it open up to criticism of his record during war. we're alludeing to that time in france during vietnam. >> governor romney has to be careful overseas. has he to articulate i think for his conservative base in america first policy. he's clearly ahead on economics. clearly ahead even since the bain attacks and wants to take a chink out of the armor of obama, which is he's perceived as strong on foreign policy, probably because of the bin laden killing. i think the foreign policy with obama has been confused at best. we can't determine the difference between his action in libya and inaction in syria. we don't know his lack of leadership in syria caused russians to take a prominent stance. that has led to us being seen as weak, not by americans as the middle east. i think romney can do a lot, particularly with our allies to say what he would do and how he would shore up security in the middle east. we'll wait
at times and gave very little detail on what or how he would change u.s. foreign policy. also, he had little to say on syria but that didn't stop him from slamming the president on topics ranging from impending defense cuts to israel nor from talking up one of his favorite topics, american exceptionalism. >> i'm an unapologetic believer in america, i'm not ashamed of american power. >> it was the investigation into the league around the investigation to kill osama bin laden where romney delivered his most full throated criticism of the president and staff. >> betrays national interest, compromises our men and women in the field and demands a full and prompt investigation by a special council with explanation and consequence. >> this comes a day after the president, without directly naming his opponent attacked romney and others who have called his withdrawal from iraq a failure. >> and some said that bringing our troops home last year was a mistake. they would have kept tens of thousands of our forces in iraq indefinitely, without a clear mission. well, when you're commander in chief,
in u.s. history. the details remain influx, but here's the latest this hour. 71 shot. 12 died. the rest were injured. now, the tragic shooting in colorado has stunned the nation an the political world today. it happened just after the start of a midnight premier of the new bat man movie, "the dark knight rises." a heavily armed gunman bursting into the theatre through an exit door and here's how witnesses describe what happened next. >> he threw one gas like, one tear gas thing. >> landed in the road. hit the girl right in front of us. then it exploded. >> then he threw another one. i think that went to the right of us. >> and did you see him starting to shoot people at that point? >> he waited, he looked like, he looked so calm when he did it. it was scary. he waited for the bombs both to explode before he made any type of move, then after they both exploded, that's when he began to shoot. >> the first shot was in the air, then he starting shooting towards -- >> no specific target. >> now, jennifer seeger, who escaped physical r harm, the suspected shooter, 24-year-old james holmes, ta
's attempt to den grade and diminish the achievement of the individual. diminishes us all. he tries to divide america, tear america apart. he tries to diminish those that are successful in walk walk of life or another. s is simply wrong. >> remember when romney used to talk about the president as a nice guy? well, not anymore. indeed a top romney adviser tells buzz feed that very little will be off-limits and the campaign has decided it is time to stret president, quote, this is a guy who admitted to cocaine use and sweetheart deal with his house in chicago. and was associated and worked with rod blagojevich. oh, yes. all of this has happened before in 2008. and all of this will happen again. they seem to forget mr. obama has been president for 3 1/2 years now. the american people know the guy pretty well. but the romney camp has to do something. given the -- growing calls by fellow republicans for him to release his tax returns and including governor rick perry, former governor of texas. >> i'm a big believer that no matter who you are or what office you are running for, you should be as tra
the early jump on the story, david corn with us from washington, d.c. and also joining us here in new york, charles blow. david, you've been one of the first to report on this back at the beginning of the month in mother jones. and you found romney's break with bain wasn't so clean, but how dirty are the details really? >> well, you know, they keep trying to set up this bright, clear line in the campaign and bain on february 1999 and romney had nothing to do with the company really after that. but as i reported last week and "the boston globe" amplified today, there are lots of sec documents that show that he was signing these documents, claiming that he was in control of various bain entities for a year or two or three after this point in time and that he was controlling stock that was being bought by bain and other companies. he claimed to be in the management committee in these documents. there are other documents that show bain entities being created in his name after he supposedly left bain. there's a press release bain put out that describes him having taken a leave of absence and qu
is not the small things. it's not the trivial things, which so often consume us and our daily lives. ultimately, it's how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another. >> our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i joined the president and first lady and all americans in offering our deepest condolences for those whose lives for shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in colorado. >> let's bring in nbc's leanne greg on the scene in aurora, colorado. this has been a long day for the police chief. six hours ago when you and i were discussing this very subject, so many things have changed since then. can you fill us in? >> reporter: one thing sta stands out, the numbers. earlier today, first we heard there were 50 people shot. then that was lowered to 38. who were injured and now, that number as you mentioned, 71 people shot, 12 have died. ten died at the scene. two died later in hospitals. several of the others are in critical condition. one of the bullets actually went through the theatre wall and struck a person watching a movie in another theatr
this morning after his bank was fined more than $450 million by british and u.s. authorities for attempting to manipulate late interest rates. what's more, he had to step aside as co-host of an upcoming romney fund-raiser in my d stomping ground. before you go thinking he's one of my come patry otts, he is an american. owner of a couple of similar homes in manhattan and on the massachusetts island of nantucket. but his rough patch may spell trouble for romney as well with barclays employees contributg some $230,000 to romney so far, making him the ninth largest donors to his campaign. by the way, barclays chief lobbyist also leads the campaign's fund raising efforts within the financial industry, raising almost a million dollars from the campaign. so a wonder, what is it that he's been promising them? >> this economy runs on freedom. i will halt all the obama era regulatio regulations. >> all right, silly old me. halt the regulations. from washington, michael eric dyson, a professor at georgetown university, david corn, and msnbc political analyst richard wolffe and if i might start with yo
the rest of us and that he and the company that he made all of his money running cannot agree on when he stopped running that company. that's a big issue and i don't think that anybody's going to let up on them because the idea of the liar and the president have a really big conflict in american war going all the way back to you know, the chopping down of the cherry tree and i just cannot tell a lie. we don't want the idea of a liar and president combined. >> david, the romney pushback machine is spinning out multiple denials. to politico, adviser said -- he was on the sec filings because he was still technically the owner, but hadn't transferred ownership to other partners. still, technically the owner for three more years. i guess nobody could have cleared that up in the contractor of file sngs. >> he was technically the owner. making millions of dollars from this. what is it? this is not the way as charles said, most people live their lives and if you're not really the owner, not really in control of these shares, then why are you representing that to the sec. that's the argument that
the last word in november. stay tuned. >> we will stay tuned, indeed. joining us now here in new york is msnbc contributor jonathan capehea capeheart. clarence page of "the chicago tribune." jonathan writes for "the washington post." good day to both of you. have to ask you both this question. i want to start with you, john, was mitt romney really addressing the audience that he was in front of or was he speaking to some other people in that speech? because -- the speech itself was a stump speech that i have heard when he's been in new hampshire, when he has been in wisconsin. interest didn't seem any different. who was he really speaking to? >> he was sfeg to both audiences and in his stump speech is void of any specifics which has, you know, democrats and republicans on and the like scratching their heads and begging for more. but -- in all speeches there are multiple audiences. on the one hand he's saying to african-americans you are just like everyone else i talk to. you are a part of the united states. here's my overall message. >> thank you for reminding us of that. excellent. >
tell us why. >> it really boils down to one simple word. resolve. >> resolve? try insanity. doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. and we begin with what is shaping up to be a blockbuster summer on the presidential campaign trail. the president and his challenger both fired up this afternoon in a pair of battleground states. and a brand new national poll showing the two men lockeded in a dead heat. the president carried his message of middle class tax cuts for 98% of the population to cedar rapids, iowa, just moments ago where he sounded a bull horn in the name of equality. >> our goal is to put people back to work, but it's also to build an economy where that work pays off. an economy in which everybody, whether they start a business or they're punching a clock, can have confidence that if you work hard, you can get ahead. that's what this campaign is about cht. >> meantime, mitt romney with a sunny disposition after his week long holiday on the lake and weekend at the hamptons was in the swing state of colorado and swinging as far right as we've h
decided he is not going to drip, drip, drip. give us answers to those questions. that's because he's mitt romney and he believes he doesn't have to. >> indeed. julian, mitt romney did address his offshore accounts and taxes again last night, speaking in that voice he learned at harvard law school. >> with regards to any foreign investments, i understand and you understand of course that my investments have been meld hello by a blind trust, have been managed by a trustee. i don't manage them, don't even know where they are. >> julian, you are an attorney at law. this is a man who called ted kennedy's blind trust the age old roos in 1994. have the laws about blind trust changed? >> no. it hasn't and his knowledge of not just his blind trust, but all of his other financial activities, david had a tremendous story last week about a waste disposal company that he was involved in that dealt with aborted fetuses. the list of his personal finances and the stories about it just goes on and on an on. i think david is is right. this is the last thing he wants to talk about, but the story keeps come
to go on board and yet have nobody to steer the vessel. as my pastor used to say, you've been liberated into bondage. they want to free us to become the slave of their narrow ly -- the public, they shredded this economy in an fireman and policeman. they're opposed to that and yet claim to represent the average american here and stood tooth and nail against this president as he sought to bring back recovery. this is a disappointment of expectation. not of achievement. this man has added jobs to the economy for the last 25, 26, 27 months. that's extraordinary given what he's inherited. if we take the long view, he certainly is the person who's keeping his word, but the republicans have made sure he doesn't do it. >> indeed. karen, have you ever witnessed the presidential campaign based not on the candidate's on ideas, not his carefully thought through visions of the country, but based almost entirely on the monthly jobs report, which is what mitt romney seems to be doing? >> he is. he figures like he said, if he can just keep talking about the economy, that's what he thinks he can win on.
the media to know where they are. >> can you tell us what their reaction was when they first heard their son's name and how are they coping. >> i think arlene holmes statement clarifies that a bit as to how they reacted. >> in the statement she says she didn't know whether -- didn't know about the shooting. she has found out about the shooting, can you tell us about the reaction? >> i think everyone can imagine how they are feeling, anyone who has been a parent. >> [ inaudible ] >> possibly. possibly. >> do you think they will be getting offers? >> yes. >> considering -- >> not at this time. >> clarifying the fact that she -- it was reported she wasn't surprised. she seems to be attempting to clarify that. >> that's not exactly what she said. that's the interpretation the media were giving to that statement that somehow, oh, i'm not surprised this is the person. that's not what she was saying. >> can you elaborate on that? was she surprised? >> i am not going to comment on that. >> tell us how you know them? >> i represent them. >> i understand that. how -- [ inaudible ] >> i was referred to
as a result you are capitalism, no. >> it's the linchpin. >> i want us to make sure that we know what you're theory is about how to grow the economy. and that is a question that i think most americans want to know as well. >> not familiar with precisely exactly what i said but i stand by whatever i said, whatever it was. ♪ >> we begin on this friday the 13th with mitt romney forced out of hiding on the campaign trail. yes, with word this afternoon that mr. romney is sitting for interviews any minute back in new hampshire with all three major television networks, along with cnn and fox news to air later tonight. it was probably inevitable after more questions and concern continue to be raised about mr. romney and his much wanted private sector experience at bain. >> mitt romney and the continuing questions over when he seeded control of bain capital. >> can you tell me why -- >> i'm a little surprised that he only released a year's worth of tax returns. that perplexed me because it's the first time in, i don't know, more than 30 years that anybody running for president has only
" and bill crystal and those in the very conservative columns are saying give us a plan. because you cannot expect the voters will reject one and go for another if they don't have any idea you're trying to lead them. >> karen, what has this man been doing for eight rear years? i understand he has great ambitions and it's right to want to seek great things, but where's the content? >> that's a great question. somehow, i guess he thought he wouldn't need content and they've been focused on playing a shell game with his taxes and with his money, so that we don't really know what's going on. he's got, you know, that seems more of how they've spent their time. i wanted to add something to what catherine was just saying. part of what's so important about this bus trip, so romney doesn't have answers and if you're sitting in ohio and you see attack ads on the president, but you see president obama there in your county or city talking about what he's done, what he would do, defining the choice and then you just hear romney attacking that, i mean, that's very powerful and that is a very important wa
us jusin ce yorien or ighbs an unc jim ws a ttletubbn aeen wahing f new -- [ laughter ] >> he thinks that somehow i raise taxes, let's be clear. we've lowered taxes for middle class familiesince came into fice [ plau ] matters. pieersn ouourcg usobs mi romy'se toow-we cos overas. insourcing. industry and favors ing bs he. it mters ouourcg veus. i'bara oba, ani apov th mesge. >>> e pridenis ting lot hea fro hpone's caaigntoda allecau of something he said, which is ironic, i think. after all, when was the last time mitt romney said anything that's worth listeningto? >>he miske of m fst coup ofears was tnkin thhis jas jus aut getting the policy right. andhat'imrtan but e nate ohis oice i al to tel a sry tthe american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and opmismespeally durg tougmes. >> sere whave a momt of nestand wt haens? tt'sinio jum all ort ke jaals. mr. romney is nowhere to be found. funny that. let's welcome the panel. msc joae re and mel of e naongazi. thanyou rymuch jo if can -- sryor llinyou anne it a badhat. >> either one. >> thank you. what's horrible and
, if you're responding, you're losing. >>> st. louis' finest reminding us it is getting hot in here. we begin with mitt romney facing a barrage of questions and attacks over his time at bain capital. this afternoon, it was president obama hitting his republican rival as outsourcer in chief at the first town hall in the battleground of cincinnati, ohio. >> today, we found out there's a new study out by nonpartisan economists that says governor romney's economic plan would in fact create 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. >> kind of testy. in case you missed it, romney's on the ropes, going into a second week now about the length in his tenure at bain capital. he says he left in 1999, but government documents say he stayed on until 2002. here's how ed gillespie tried to spin it sunday on "meet the press." >> he retired retroactively at this point because he ended up not going back to the firm. >> and if you don't know what retired retroactively means, don't worry. nobody else does either. for his part, romney still couldn
beyond the date and you, you've got some gray area here. don't you understand why the rest of us find that a bit fudging of the facts? >> governor romney was the one shareholder as we know, but of course, he did not have any obligation obviously of running the company. that's a huge distinction. your name may not be on the filings as lone shareholder, but when you look at contemporaneous documents in that time, romney was not listed as one having any manageri managerial control. they were looking for the -- >> wow, i've got a fuelling you don't think there's political muck raking going on here. romney tried to start the week going after the president for alleged political payoff. >> but if you're a campaign tributer to barack obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars of cash from the government. i think it's wrong. i think it stinks to high heaven. >> anything to this? rand of course, i know you want to weigh in on the other rons. brother ron christie's viewpoints about the slight of hand that may have been going on. >> sure, with respect to what ron said, the next thi
. >> somewhere, a nails lady is prepping an exfoliater with a cuticle stick for revenge. kristen welker joins us from the white house. the president was clear that extending these tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 means that 98% of citizens and 97% of small business owners would quality. so does this mean that a bill is likely to be brought before the senate or house in the near future? >> reporter: i just spoke with an aide on the hill who says they anticipate majority leader reid will bring this bill forward. when you speak to republicans in the house, they say they are not going to bring to bill to the floor. they cite those numbers. the 97% of businesses that would be impacted by this and say they agree with that number. however, they say 940,000 small businesses would still see an increase in their taxes, so they are painting this as an increase on small businesses. they say the bill they will bring to the house floor will extend the bush era tax cuts for all americans. jay carney was asked about this today. he was firm about the fact that the president would veto such a bill, so
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Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)